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The Persnickety Proofreader has been polishing manuscripts for twenty-plus years. Proofreading, interior layout services and guidance through the self-publishing process make us a one-stop source for virtually all your pre-publishing needs.

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Before you publish your book, be confident that it shines.

Our broad range of professional services will ensure you get the pre-publication work you need, at reasonable rates.

With our years of experience in editing, proofreading and layout, you’ll always get top-quality workmanship and responsive professionalism – without cutting corners.


Rita has been a professional editor for 25+ years. She prides herself on proper grammar, spelling, word usage and punctuation. From line edits and fact checking to recommending possible fixes for plot holes and story line glitches, you can feel confident Rita will give your manuscript the care and attention it deserves.

Interior Layout

In addition to doing the layout for her own five novels, Rita has provided interior-layout services for many of her editing clients. Several have sought her services for subsequent editing and layout projects.


This is the final step in the pre-publication process. Proofreading occurs after the layout work is finished. Your professional proofreader’s eyes constitute the last line of defense against errors. A careful, thorough proofread of your laid-out manuscript ensures a top-quality product in final form.

Literary Midwifery

Some folks who pursue self-publishing avenues like to handle their own file-setup and -uploading tasks; others prefer a bit more guidance in the publication arena. Rita can help with navigating the waters of self-publishing via IngramSpark, whether you need an occasional assist with understanding basic terminology, or complete hand holding through the publication process. She’s done this a time or twelve and understands the idiosyncrasies of self-publishing with IngramSpark.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me.”

– Darren, editing & layout client

“Rita is a meticulous editor who has one of the best eyes for grammatical detail I’ve ever encountered. Both my professional and creative writing have become more polished through her excellent feedback.”

– Sarah M., editing client

“Thanks to Rita Reali’s suggestions and guidance, my essay went from average to something that really stuck out to admissions administrators. Rita truly helped me catch the eye of my top college choices and eventually get accepted at my #1 choice.”

– Oliver, editing client

“I like that you catch overused words and anything annoying. Also stuff you like, reminds me to write more like that.”

– Chris L., repeat editing client

“Rita… is a pleasure to deal with, is meticulous about her work and is great working directly with the authors. I highly recommend Rita as a copy and content editor.”

– Brian Jud, executive director, APSS

“Rita’s unique writing style was complimented time and time again by clients. In a time where public relations are more important than ever, her press releases were one of the most valuable services provided by [our company].”

– Nick P., colleague