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Glimpse of Emerald

Sheldon Family Saga Book 1 – 355 pages – $18.95
Published by Little Elm Press – ISBN: 978-0-9966800-2-8

Abandonment. Abuse. Betrayal. Rejection. By the age of 18, Gary Sheldon has endured all these things. The one constant is the unwavering love and faith-driven support of Edward, his beloved grandfather. All too soon, the old man dies and all Gary has left is memories – and his granddad’s treasured rosary beads.

Wen Gary meets Michaela, her spitfire assertiveness shines through her somber façade and they forge an unlikely friendship… which deepens into love. But will the terrible secret Michaela acquires during their courtship derail their relationship?

Over time, a series of harsh revelations makes Gary re-evaluate everything he was certain of. Can he salvage the tattered shreds of his marriage? Will Michaela’s awful secret drive a deeper wedge between her and Gary? Or will their faith enable them to pick up the pieces and heal together?

Diagnosis: Love

Sheldon Family Saga Book 2 – 266 pages – $16.95
Published by Little Elm Press – ISBN: 978-0-9966800-0-4

Nighttime radio announcer Marc Lindemeyr always blamed himself for his best friend’s suicide during senior year of high school. Haunted by a prickly incident with Patrick six weeks earlier, Marc’s life spirals into despair while his aspirations of studying architecture at Yale wither and fade.

Dr. Marie Sheldon has never liked her brother Gary’s radio-station coworker and close friend. She acts overtly hostile and disdainful toward Marc whenever their paths cross.

Can Marc make peace with his past and forge a dynamic future with the woman he loves? And can Marie curb her hostility long enough to recognize how deeply she loves Marc before it’s too late?

Winner of the 2021 Kops-Fetherling International Book Award Legacy Prize.

The Unintended Hero

Sheldon Family Saga Book 3 – 283 pages – $16.95
Published by Little Elm Press – ISBN: 978-0-9966800-4-2

What starts out as an average day ends up being anything but.

When Marc Lindemeyr wakes up the first Tuesday in July, his plans include lunch with his fiancée, Marie, then driving her to JFK International Airport to catch a flight to a medical conference. He fully expects to be back in time for work. But he doesn’t know the half of it.

Before long, Marc finds himself at the center of an international incident – suddenly recognizable and instantly beloved. And that’s just what the shy nighttime radio announcer doesn’t want. Through it all, Marc learns how – and how not – to navigate life in the spotlight, how to accept comfort when it’s offered… and what being a real hero is all about.

Winner of the 2021 Kops-Fetherling International Book Award – Honorable Mention for Romance.

Second Chances

Sheldon Family Saga Book 4 – 384 pages – $19.95
Published by Little Elm Press – ISBN: 978-0-9966800-6-6

Gary Sheldon is about to meet the child he never knew he had. Within months, the popular afternoon-drive radio announcer and music director at Connecticut’s Z97-3 initiates a lawsuit seeking full custody of his nine-year-old daughter.

After enduring an acrimonious custody battle, Gary finds himself embroiled in a shocking legal drama involving a teenage intern at the radio station. The bitter conflict threatens his career, his reputation and his faith.

Amid mounting trauma, Gary faces his steepest challenge yet: to extend forgiveness and second chances (and learn to accept them himself when they’re offered). In doing so, he embraces the faith that sustained him when he feared all was lost.

Tender Mercies

Sheldon Family Saga Book 5 – 281 pages – $16.95
Published by Little Elm Press – ISBN: 978-0-9966800-8-0

Pregnant and ostracized, 16-year-old Dani seeks out her long-ago religion teacher for help. She never expected his reaction.

Gary Sheldon’s former students could always turn to him with any problem. His wife, Michaela, has been supportive of his involvement in their lives thus far; but when two teens divulge simultaneous life-changing situations, Gary must put their concerns into perspective with his own family’s needs.

In Tender Mercies, Gary and Michaela demonstrate Christ’s love in action as they open their home to a teenage girl with dark secrets. Gradually, horrific surprises emerge as she reveals deeply harbored dysfunction and violence. A compelling tale of hope triumphing over evil.